Grosse Pointe Club
Junior Sailing Program

                                                               "First in Class"


The DRYA season is made up of individual regattas and finishes with a season's champion determined by the points accumulated throughout the season. (visit for further information). 

Awards for each regatta are held at the end of the final day of racing at the host club. There is no fee to participate in these regattas. You must be a member of DRYA which is included in your GPC Junior Sail registration fee. 

On regatta days, a sailor should expect to be on the race course all day and will need an on-the-water lunch (packed in a waterproof bag), water, and sunblock. If the sailor leaves the race course early, he or she must be picked up from the regatta because no one will be on shore to supervise. 

GPC Jr. Sail instructors will take the lunches and a gear bag in the coach boat at regattas. Sailors are responsible for collecting their items out of the boat each day. Each sailor is also responsible for getting to the regatta with the gear for their boat. Host clubs do not provide spare equipment. Parents are responsible for arranging travel for the sailor to and from the regattas  unless instructed otherwise. The day prior to the regatta the instructors will tow the sailors and their boats to the host club. 

Experienced sailors are encouraged to participate in out of town regattas. If interested please discuss with the instructors the availability of participating in such regattas and the costs associated with the regattas. 
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